ContactMarcus ‘Marc Deon’ Huffman began compiling music for neighborhood parties at the age of 9. His passion for music intensified throughout his teen years and at 17 he landed his first professional gigs as a DJ on the South Florida dance circuit. It was here that his lessons in the fine art of the mix would begin. With the aid of Technics 1200’s, he quickly mastered club mixing and by 19 had landed a residency at Respectable Street Cafe, a hometown hotspot.

Now residing in New York after time in Orlando, San Francisco, Australia, Canada, UK & Europe, Marc composes original works and his DJ sets remain in steady demand. The studio, MD’s Music Exchange was launched in 1999 and its label, MDEX Recordings, has produced twenty-eight releases to date including, “Free-fall” (MDEX0512) and “Candyflip” (MDEX0712).

Having always had a gifted singing voice, Marcus is now a member of the band’s ‘Zoid’ & ‘Arthur’s Landing’ and is featured vocalist on a number of dance releases from San Francisco, Paris & Berlin; the standout being Noah Pred’s ‘Third Culture’ which was nominated for a Juno Award in 2014.